Maximize the power of cloud computing for your business


With Cloud solutions and services- you have a competitive edge.

Your Organization may already have been connected with the cloud wave in one way or the other. After all, many Organizations now store data online which has greatly changed the way businesses operate allowing them to scale as they grow. Some of the great benefits of cloud solutions and services for Organizations includes heightened collaboration between teams, content management, and productivity-boosting solutions. Allowing them to connect from anywhere.

Cloud-based integrated digital systems and processes have become central to an organization’s digital business strategy and key to digital transformation across industries. A new wave of cloud-based services is now rapidly emerging to provide higher value business services.

At MciiRoy Projects Limited, we offer technology and industry know-how which enable us to deliver best-in-class cloud solutions that drive organizations forward. Our key differentiators coupled with best-of-breed cloud solutions enable enterprises to get the best out of cloud computing, reduce cost, increase business agility, and move businesses forward.

BOT Development

Messaging is rapidly becoming the new channel of communication, with nearly 60 billion messages running across daily. Brands are capitalizing on this technology to engage with their customers and extend support around the clock. Businesses are leveraging the potential of chatbots to manage customers queries at the right place, at customer time, with the adequate information in a cost-efficient way.

Bots are becoming the choice of leading business across industries owing to their ability to interact with humans in a natural manner using simpler interfaces like Facebook chat. Their proficiency to outperform humans with the speed of handling customer queries, tireless round the clock service makes Chatbots a successful business investment, that is easy to build and cost-efficient.

The AI edge of the chatbots is that they learn from historical interactions and associate them and become smarter with time. Bots are good for business- from Travel, Restaurants, Customer Service, to Healthcare etc.

Enterprise Websites and Portals Development

Our experience in developing enterprise websites and portals is reflected in increased business engagements for our clients. Over the years, we have worked for clients across various industries. Delivering highly creative and user-friendly enterprise websites for small business enterprises as well as mid-segment companies. Our core expertise lies in increasing customer engagement for our clients and ensuring either a professional public-facing presence or internally used websites. We implement secured portals for Organizations to securely interact with their customers and partners via the web, to provide better access to information, and improve service efficiency.

Mobile Applications Development

MciiRoy Projects offers robust applications development with intuitive designs for the available mobile platforms. Our Organization is a leading mobile application development company offering applications development service targeted at Android and iOS devices. Our success lies in our ability to understand the requirements of our clients and convert them into useful business-centric solutions that help them achieve objectives.

The ever evolving business challenges need technology solutions that are adaptive and today’s enterprises demand complex business solutions, each of which must be developed, connected, and managed across users, devices, operating systems, and locations, online and offline. MciiRoy Projects amalgamates industry-best practices for performance, infrastructure, and user experience to help your project succeed. We specialize in delivering custom application development solutions that can automate your business processes and provide greater return-on-technology investments.

Digital Marketing

Social media marketing and social media optimization are the indispensable tools in the hands of any brand. Our skilled expertise comes from our experienced professionals who will help your Organization with social network marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, increasing your brand awareness, managing your social profiles, moderating conversations, engaging with the audience, as well as online reputation management. Our approach involves the use of standard operating procedures (SOPs), client involvement, optimal time of response, all geared toward providing optimum coverage and adhering to ethical boundaries while promoting our brands. Business benefits are:

  • Helps create brand awareness in the social networks
  • Synergizes with the SEO and internet marketing campaigns for your website
  • Drives good quality traffic to your website from social networking websites
  • Assists in boosting link popularity and gaining non-reciprocal links