Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics for Business Decisions



As business transactions are now almost completely electronic, virtually all applications today use data in one way or another. At MciiRoy Projects, we help Organizations better analyze the data they have, integrate applications to improve decision-making. We help Organizations to gain accurate and deep intuitive understanding of their businesses by helping to transform raw data for useful business analysis purposes and decision.


Our enterprise reporting service allows organizations to bridge the gap between the data they have and the ability to access it for a fast and informed decision-making. We provide the mechanisms that allow organizations to easily navigate critical paths through their corporate data by enabling secure access to all data sources, whether structured or unstructured. Our deliverables include highly customizable, yet professional-looking reports.

Organizations can extend the reach of their enterprise data by sharing relevant information with other stakeholders and partners outside their business domain. Employing best of breed tools, we deliver feature-rich and easy-to-use interfaces that enable business users to generate reports (standard or ad-hoc reports) and discover new insight into corporate data.


Dashboards are visualization tools which help organizations to understand their business and customer behavior better, arrive at strategies based on sound background information, reduce risk, improve decision-making process, forecast organizational goals better, gather actionable insights on where and how to improve business results. MciiRoy Projects delivers interactive dashboards that allow Organizations:

  • Analyze data in a meaningful way with the ability to run perform visual data analytics and quickly. Explore available data and empowered users to delve further by performing on-the-fly or in-memory data analysis.
  • Visualization- Develop stunning dashboards with highly-customizable data visualization (interactive charts, gauges, maps, scorecards) plus, granular control over almost all visual design elements.